‘Voyager’ – the new single from Us

‘Voyager’, the third single from Us, is the Scottish-Swedish electronic pop duo’s most widescreen film soundtrack moment yet, pairing Leo Josefsson’s urgent synth arpeggios with Andrew Montgomery’s soaring three-octave vocals, taking the listener on a space odyssey to the end of the world.

Here, ex-Geneva singer Andrew and Lowe frontman Leo take inspiration from Jean-Michel Jarre, Yazoo, Jeff Buckley, Underworld, and a broken heart, making Voyager’ an epic synth-pop rave-up that has the narrator trying to escape the gravity of an unhappy past relationship. It’s sad but defiant, dark but uplifting – and it’s an earworm that stays with you once you hear it.

Us play widescreen, beautiful, electronic music that is the dystopian film soundtrack to the end of an affair or a broken dream, combining Leo’s epic wall of synths with Andrew’s unique vocals. ‘Voyager’ is the latest step on a beautiful journey.

Voyager teaser

We're happy to announce that our new single 'Voyager' will be released on the 11th of May.Let us know what you think! 'Come on, come on till the end of the world.'

Publicerat av Us den 16 april 2018