The Mobile Homes about ‘The Final Party’

’The Final Party’ is the new single from The Mobile Homes. The song faithfully takes on the band’s early soundscape and will not leave the fans unsatisfied. Produced by Leo Josefsson at Sons of Merlin (House of Wizards). Release: 25th of May 2018 at Psykbunkern.

”I’m very happy about this track since it’s the first song I’ve written since 1989! (‘Hypocritical’ on the ‘Hurt’ album), and I think Hasse did a great job writing the lyrics. Too me it’s a classic TMH song focusing on strong melodies in a pop arrangement. I think Leo Josefsson did an amazing job giving the song a very strong fundament to stand on with a very rich and intriguing sound scape. Leo has been directing our videos since many years now so it feels great and very natural that he’s now taken on this new role as producer.”
Patrik Brun, The Mobile Homes

The Mobile Homes was formed in 1984 and they are still one of Sweden’s leading electronic popbands. They celebrated their 30th birthday in 2014 and have no intention of stopping now.

The Mobile Homes are: Hans Erkendal, Patrik Brun, Markus Mustonen and Sami Sirviö.

‘The Final Party’ – the official power point: