Oz – The Box

The Box is more than a film or a musical experience. The Box is a call to arms; an all out declaration of war against those who seek to define us, chiseling our roles and our realities in stone. It won’t be the first, but hopefully it will be the last war that will seek to replace bombs with acts of human kindness, open mindedness, and the power to love and empathize with those whom we share only the most superficial of differences.

There is no outside the box. Unfortunately many of us are blind to the fact that our boxes have been chosen for us. Nice and small, tight and cozy, with very little room to maneuver, making nearly all opportunities limited.

Society is a box, but if we tap into the un-used resources of our powerful minds, working to remove the barriers that have been built by others, we can expand the perimeter of the boxes we live in to the point where our walls are virtually invisible making way for a world built on love and empathy for others; a world of infinite acceptable realities. An unfettered world where the builders of tinny boxes built by finite possibilities are no longer pulling the strings tied to our necks, forcing us to make their world of around. Their world… it ends now!

THE BOX (the film) is directed by LMDL, starring Alexander Karim, Schiaffino Musarra and Mats Jönsson.