HOW Music Group is an independent music label based in Stockholm, Sweden.    We focus on presenting new alternative music including recording, producing, songwriting and artist development.

Our tight connection to House of Wizards provides us with 3 in-house music studios, a film/photo studio and a big network of producers, songwriters, art directors, photographers, directors, web-developers and project managers.






Us - Till the Dying of the Light

Oz - The Box

Tilly - Battlefield

Tilly - Ctrl Alt Del

Tilly - In My Head

1M2M - We Are Sthlm


Fredric Westerberg
Mail: fredric(a)houseofwizards.com
Phone:+46-(0)707 17 65 29

HoW Music Group
Surbrunnsgatan 4
SE-114 27 Stockholm, Sweden